ABC ABC (often spelled with three stars) are a british new wave band from Sheffield, England fronted by singer Martin Fry. They charted ten UK and five US Top 40 singles between 1981 and 1990. Their last album Traffic was released in April 2008. The group’s first single, “Tears Are Not Enough”, made the UK Top 20 in 1981. Soon afterwards, David Robinson left the band and was replaced by drummer David Palmer. In 1982, the band released their debut album The Lexicon Of Love, which reached number one in the UK Albums Chart.
Band From: United Kingdom, Manchester and Sheffield
Band Members: Martin Fry, Mark White and Dave Wyndham. Also: Mark Lickley, Andy Newmark, David Robinson, Steve Singleton, Alan Spenner, David Yarritu, David Palmer, Fiona Russell-Powell
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