Absolute Beginner

Absolute Beginner Biography

Beginner (formerly Absolute Beginner) is the name of a German rap group from Hamburg, consisting of Jan Delay, Denyo and DJ MAD.

The group was founded as “Absolute Beginner” in 1991, initially with six members: Jan Delay, Denyo, Mardin, DJ Burn, Nabil, Mirko, but the latter three dropped out after a few months. They started rapping in English and German with homemade beats, but later went over to rapping solely in German. During their first public appearance they met DJ MAD, who immediately joined the group.

After the release of “Flashnizm” Mardin left the group. Their breakthrough album “Bambule” is still considered one of the best german rap albums. With their latest album “Blast Action Heroes” they changed their name to “Beginner”.

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