Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Album: “These Days [Remaster]”

Bon Jovi Album: “These Days [Remaster]”
Description :
Bon Jovi: Jon Bon Jovi (vocals, harmonica, percussion); Richie Sambora (acoustic & electric guitars, electric sitar, background vocals); David Bryan (keyboards, background vocals); Tico Torres (drums, percussion). <p>Additional personnel: Suzie Katayama (accordion); Jerry Vivino (tenor saxophone); Ed Manion (baritone saxophone); Mark Pender (trumpet); Richie LaBamba (trombone); Robbie Buchanan (keyboards, programming); Jerry Cohen (keyboards); Hugh McDonald, Randy Jackson (bass); Tommy Funderburk, Rory Dodd (background vocals). <p>Producers: Peter Collins, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora. <p>Digitally remastered using 20-bit technology by George Marino (1998, Sterling Sound, New York, New York). <p>Riding a resurgence in popularity with the triple-platinum success of their greatest-hits package CROSSROADS, Bon Jovi returns with THESE DAYS, their first studio album since 1992's KEEP THE FAITH. And it's obvious that the alterna-rock nihilism exhibited by many of their more angst-ridden peers has affected the band's material, giving the blue-collar romanticism of the Jersey rockers a darker vibe. <p>Jon Bon Jovi's characters on THESE DAYS weigh in with more mature and darker conflicts than those explored on previous albums. On "Hey God," a family man on the brink of homelessness cries out for spiritual guidance. The title track goes a step further, describing the sheer hopelessness that goes with not having a place to live. Other characters who've lost their way are either on quests of faith ("Something To Believe In") or have found other altars to worship at ("Something For The Pain"). <p>Along with heightened lyrical development, the group's sound continues to evolve away from the usual pop-metal fare. Jon Bon Jovi occassionally drifts into a raspy voice that is a direct nod to Bruce Springsteen, while David Bryan's keyboard playing veers from the lush orchestration of "Lie To Me" to a simpler harpsichord tone in "If That's What It Takes." Still, Bon Jovi remain a guitar-driven band, and Richie Sambora's muscular style has expanded to include some tasty electric-sitar playing. <p>Though Jon Bon Jovi's sunny optimism is tempered by the murkier subject matter, he still closes THESE DAYS with "Diamond Ring," a gentle matrimonial proposal that shows this Jersey boy is still a romantic at heart.
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Track Listing :
8 Letting You Go, (It's Hard)
Album Information :
Title: These Days [Remaster]
Genre:Heavy Metal - Pop Metal
Artist:Bon Jovi
Distributed:Universal Distribution
Release Date:1999/02/09
Original Release Year:1995
Mono / Stereo:Stereo
Studio / Live:Studio
Doc Stew (Elburn, IL) - April 10, 2000
9 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
- Not bad at all

I know everyone is complaining about this album, but I have to say that it is actually pretty good. Granted, it took a while for it to grow on me, but once it did, it didn't come out of my CD player. It's one of those albums that you can play pretty much straight through without skipping songs. Some of the lyrics are pretty mundane and cliche, but the music is great. I recommend this album to all Bon Jovi fans.

saint "saint" (Lincoln Park, NJ United States) - January 21, 2002
6 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
- Maybe their best ever

I'm writing this because most of the reviews I've seen for THESE DAYS have been pretty negative. The songs on here aren't as catchy or infectious as SLIPPERY WHEN WET, but they are musically superior to the band's most notorious album.

THESE DAYS starts with "Hey God," the most intense song on the CD. A powerful track, it stays on the theme of album, which is how difficult life is during these times (or these days...aptly enough). "These days you're even harder to believe," sums up the song's take on God in the modern era. The CD then slips into "Something for the Pain," a catchy tune that hearkens back to SLIPPERY's "Livin' on a Prayer" style upbeat songs.

"This Ain't a Love Song," the third track, is the album's first ballad, a powerful one about losing love, the other major theme of the album. Bon Jovi then moves to the title track, a chilling view of the world that is one of the album's best songs. "Lie to Me," track five, is the tale of a desperate man searching for love, while the sixth track, "Damned," is a desperate man having an affair and realizing his inevitable doom.

"My Guitar Lies Bleeding in my Arms," quiets things down from the noisier sixth track and is once again a great song. The expression of the guitar used as an extremity of a broken heart is simply beautiful, as is the acoustic guitar used to accompany it. The best track on the album, "(It's Hard) Letting You Go" is by itself worth the purchase of this album. Again, it deals with the trouble of finding love in the complicated world of today. Similarly, track nine, "Hearts Breaking Even" deals with lost love. Track 11, "If That's What It Takes," is one of the lone inspirational songs of the album (with the second track), and is the story of going to extremes to satisfy love for another.

"Something to Believe In" and "Diamind Ring" are tracks 10 and 12, and are somewhat weaker than the others on this album. However, they are still good listening material and show the band's ability to diversify.

Overall, THESE DAYS is a little more melancholy than the band's earlier efforts. However, the material is every bit as worth listening to, if not superior to the '80s hit albums. If you are a Bon Jovi fan, don't let the negative reviews scare you away from this album. If you are not a fan and have only listened to radio hits, be warned: this is a different experience. Different, and better.

John Popa "thepopa" (Canton, OH United States) - November 18, 2000
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- Quiet Classic

Let's make one thing clear: "These Days" is a great record. It may be heavy and lacking in the sort of arena exuberance that made Bon Jovi famous, but this is an unforgettable record.

People looking for chart-topping singles may not like this album. "These Days" is a hard-hitting album. Even the 'up' songs like "Something For the Pain" and "Damned" have a tight lyrical backlash that should have proven once and for all that Bon Jovi is a spectacular band, capable of writing songs that are powerful, ironic and inspiring.

The heavy title track, an irresistable mix of hard-nosed realism and wide-eyed idealism is a momumental song. A painful "Lie To Me" falls close behind (but not until the listener has been in enough love to 'get' the intent.) Even throwaways like "If That's What It Takes" hold a firm grip on the listener, written with character and substance.

"These Days" is not "Slippery When Wet." It's a darker, more intense Bon Jovi. It's probably not an album for everyone. But for those of us who grew up with this band (socially speaking) "These Days" is a frightening reflection of the angst and pathos a lot of us feel. In many ways the title "This Ain't A Love Song" resonates more in the context of the entire record than it does on its own.

David Beebee (leeds uk) - April 30, 2001
5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
- Should be SIX stars for this

There are 2 Bon Jovi's. 1 is the party fun hard rocking band producing such songs as Prayer, Lay our Hands etc, and then there are the Bon Jovi who made These Days. This album is just amazing song writing, social commentary and emotional turmoil delivered is incredible.

Then the production is raw and basic sounding like a real rock band.

ALthough i listen to this CD without wanting to skip a single track they are al so good, Something To Believe In is the ultimate track on the album

I understand that early fans dont like this album, which is fair enough - and it is deep and dark. But if you are into emotional music look no further

This would be amongst my all time top 10 albums

bon_jovi_babe (IL) - February 16, 2007
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Words cannot describe how awesome BON JOVI is!!! I am their #1 fan and no other group in this world produces such quality / entertaining / heartfelt music. I RECOMMEND YOU BUY THESE DAYS and ALL OF THEIR CDs!!!

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