Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Album: “Bon Jovi [Remaster]”

Bon Jovi Album: “Bon Jovi [Remaster]”
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Bon Jovi: Jon Bon Jovi (vocals, guitar); Richie Sambora (guitar, background vocals); David Rashbaum (keyboards, background vocals); Alec John Such (bass, background vocals); Tico Torres (drums). <p>Additional personnel: Aldo Nova, Tim Pierce (guitar); Roy Bittan (keyboards); Huey McDonald (bass); Frankie La Rocka (drums); David Grahmme, Mick Seeley (background vocals); Chuck Burgi, Doug Katsoras. <p>Engineers: Scott Litt, Jeff Hendrickson, Larry Alexander. <p>Recorded at The Power Station, New York, New York. <p>Digitally remastered using 20-bit technology by George Marino (1998, Sterling Sound, New York, New York). <p>Bon Jovi's 1984 debut not only became a blueprint for the band's multi-platinum releases of later years, but a definitive work for an entire genre. Though scores of short-lived pop-metal bands rocketed to popularity on the success of this release, the time-weathered BON JOVI continues to stand out from the pack. <p>"Runaway," with its infectious hook and keyboard work from E-Streeter Roy Bittan, was discovered by a New York DJ and gave the band some early exposure. "She Don't Know Me" is a catchy mid-tempo rocker. "Shot Through the Heart" turns the hard-rocking pulse up a few notches, with Richie Sambora letting loose on the kind of solo that would be copied by a plethora of L.A. bands. David Bryan's keyboards, an integral part of the group's sound, work nicely on the melodic rocker "Breakout." At a time when synthesizers dominated the pop landscape, Bon Jovi used them to gloss a heavy-rock foundation. "Come Back" shows the enormity of the charisma and emotion that Jon poured into his singing. BON JOVI is a great debut by a band in its underground, formative stage; a street album from a band hungry to make it.
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Album Information :
Title: Bon Jovi [Remaster]
Genre:Heavy Metal - Pop Metal
Artist:Bon Jovi
Guest Artists:Aldo Nova
Producer:Lance Quinn; Tony Bongiovi
Distributed:Universal Distribution
Release Date:1999/02/09
Original Release Year:1984
Mono / Stereo:Stereo
Studio / Live:Studio
Brad (CT) - September 17, 2002
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- Catchy and melodic...a sign of things to come

This debut album by the legendary Bon Jovi showed right away that this band was destined for greatness. While later albums sold better, this effort is every bit as good.

"Runaway" is the one song here that many people know, as it made a dent in the pop charts and got a lot of rock radio play. This song still sounds fresh and exciting after all these years--a hard rock anthem classic. "She Don't Know Me" is another single from the album--a catchy first ballad by this band and really the only one on this album. Songs like "Roulette" and "Breakout" rock hard, while "Love Lies" and "Burning For Love" are over the top melodic anthems. "Shot Through The Heart" is another rocking gem on this fantastic debut effort.

Bottom line: if you liked the sound of "Slippery When Wet" and aren't caught up in only listening to big hits, then you will like this CD. An absolutely classic album by one of the true leaders of '80s melodic hard rock. Don't overlook this one.

Bradley Headstone "Sean ARES Hirsch" (New York) - July 09, 2006
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
- Over 20 Years and Still Here.

Most of us know that groups come, and groups go. While this is not Bon Jovi's best record, it to some extent shows why Bon Jovi is still here to tell his tale over 20 years later. Some people who don't like him say that Bon Jovi is commercial oriented. I'll admit that is true to some extent. But the real reason he is still here to tell the tale over 20 years later is because the man CAN write songs; he CAN sing; and he DOES put honest work and effort into his records. While Bon Jovi would get heavier and more intense (at least for awhile), the fact that this record has only a moderate intensity shows that he DOES have musical abilities, and he DOES NOT need to hind under excess noise. The 1st half of the record has a sad (but energetic) tone. 'Runaway' is a catchy opener. 'Roulette' demonstrates some of guitarist Richie Sambora's talent, and almost carries a haunting tone. 'She Don't Know Me' releases the tension for a moment; 'Shot Through the Heart' and 'Love Lies' may sound clicheish, but somehow Bon Jovi is able to break the odds and restore the tone of these songs to 'pre cliche' levels. 'Breakout' changes the tone of the record to a more upbeat level. 'Burning For Love' and 'Come Back' continue this path, and 'Get Ready' ends the record on a happy note. It is interesting that while the record starts on a sad note, Bon Jovi is able to change the tone without seeming abrupt. Again, while this may not be his best record, it demonstrates his abilities quite well and explains why he is still here over 20 years later.

Amanda - July 02, 2005
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- Bon Jovi rocks

Runaway:It's where the band started, it was their first single, gotta love the roots. It has an awesome keyboard riff, but the video was a little weird.

Roulette:I love the intro, especially the 1,2,3,4 that leads into an urge to do some head-bangin'. The way Jon sings the words is awesome. Richie is awesome on the guitar in this one, not that he doesn't on other ones, but it's really emphasized in this song. It's fun to listen to every time.

She Don't Know Me:The message is good, but there's not enough rock. I don't think that this one should have been made into a single, but I guess enough people liked it. It's the only song that no one from the band has written it.

Shot Through The Heart:I love this heart-ache song. It starts out slow and sad, but then out of nowhere explodes with anger. It's not You Give Love a Bad Name, like a lot of people get mixed up.

Love Lies:Awesome keyboards in the intro. My favorite part is the third verse followed by a great guitar solo then a twist is put on the chorus when sung higher. A fantastic ballad, one of my favorites.

Breakout: Shocks you in the beginning when "breakout" is unexpectedly yelled. The drums are more emphasized on this song than others on this album. It has a great feel to it, it gets you into it.

Burning For Love: I love this song, and especially the lyrics. It's one of the faster ones on this album, and it has an amazing guitar solo. It's catchy and filled with feeling.

Come Back:Another heart ache song. Not the best, but still a good one.

Get Ready: This is a really fun song, but it doesn't show their talent too well. And the piano is cool, super fun song.

E-Train "son_of_thunder99" (NJ, USA) - September 12, 2006
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- Good Beginnings

I had this on tape years ago and I later got it on CD because it is worth having. It's not as good as "Slippery When Wet." But we can probably say that about all the other Bon Jovi recordings.

Of course, most who people buy this do so because they like "Runaway." But there's more to this CD than one song. "She Don't Know Me" & "Shot Through The Heart" (not you give love a bad name) are some lighter songs, but good listens. "Breakout" & "Roulette" are also solid offerings. Again, this is good to have in one's collection, and it should be in the collection of a Bon Jovi fan.

John Popa "thepopa" (Canton, OH United States) - November 15, 2000
2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
- The Foundation of Greatness

Anyone who considers Bon Jovi a glorified one-hit wonder need look no further than their debut effort to realize how wrong they are. This album is relentlessly tuneful, from the unforgettable "Runaway" to such lost classics as "Shot Through the Heart" and "Burning For Love" this album showed that Bon Jovi was going to be a band to reckon with. It was here that Jon and the boys first displayed their Jersey rock and roll mixed with a dash of heavy metal formula to the world. This album still sounds fresh and exciting today -- a true test of a band's longevity. Well, the band's still here ... and this album shows why.

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