Clannad Album: “Legend”

Clannad Album: “Legend”
Album Information :
Title: Legend
Release Date:1993-10-26
Genre:New Age, Soft Pop, Celtic
Explicit Lyrics:No
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Customer review - October 20, 1999
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- Finally, I Found It

I was a BIG fan of the ROS series when my local PBS station played it in the mid-eighties. I had wanted to track down the soundtrack back then but I didn't have enough information to do it. I found this album after becoming a fan of Celtic music in the mid '90s. The music is just as hauntingly melodic as I remember it. Great for nostalga trips!!!!

Paul Lawrence "'EJL'" (Australia) - October 21, 2008
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- Inspired cure for insomnia

Clannad/Enya/whatever truly inspired me in my youth as they showed just how much could be achieved with next to nothing. And their influence in delivering mainstream acceptance of the `whispering breathless' style of `Celtic' singing cannot be overestimated. Though quite why this style of singing is so beloved of folkies and why it's become entwined with the image of early Irish/British culture is a mystery to me. But that's not to deny the inroads that Clannad achieved on the mainstream with albums like Legend which, as has been noted, was used in part as the soundtrack to an 80's Robin Hood franchise.

And the music here - well what music is here - truly does evoke images of ancient bards and druids etc in quiet contemplation in some secluded Welsh glade. Magic stuff if your from a Western European background I suppose, it just resonates and feels like small ripples of music washing over you. The lyrical concerns aren't really concerns, just phrases put together to add a human touch. I mean, often the title of the song is the main body of the lyrics, just repeated at appropriate intervals. Or in the case of track two `Now Is Here' we get the truly illuminating lyrical couplet of "Now is here, here is now". Profound stuff indeed.

But really this is not music with a message unless the message is to relax, biding a while in Clannads musical ambience until reality comes along to intrude upon your repose. And as such it delivers it's message very well indeed as the soporific strains of a variety of instruments intertwine quite pleasantly to produce a gentle listen and an experience that does open up with repeated listens, the small and rather dainty melodies beguiling in their fragility.

If your a Clannad fan, you probably want this in your collection if you haven't already acquired it. Just remember to swing by the negative vote button before you put this in your cart in order to assuage your righteous indignation at me daring to lay bare a few inconvenient truths in this review. If your not a Clannad fan, well, neither am I but this has graced my stereo innumerable times over the decades and if your after some ambient tunes to chill out to then picking this up cheap may just open up a new world to you.

Anna - September 21, 2001
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- THE Legend

This is a great, short, sweet but haunting CD, one of the rare soundtracks with original background music that you can actually listen to. It is a great soundtrack because it doesn't even sound like one. Battles is one of my favourite tracks in general and, like most of them, it is too short. One of the rare but dazzling examples of how Clannad can turn wild. Lady Marian goes together with other harp instrumentals we know like A gentle Place, Faery Queen and Fonn Mharta. It is indeed exciting to listen to so opposite moods like rage in Battles and melancholy in Strange Land. These two perfectly go together in a track Now is Here with a "folky" traditional tune not so characteristic for Clannad. I was also surprised to hear not-really-Clannad accordion in Ancient Forest. This is not a Robin Hood sountrack - it is a Clannad soundtrack.

Fred Rayworth (Las Vegas, NV United States) - November 17, 2006
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- Favorite Show Soundtrack

I watched the Robin Hood series and always wondered who did the music. My wife found this album in a record store in Madrid and we were hooked the moment we put it on. All of the songs from the show were there without the dialogue getting in the way.

The music is Paganish and dreamy and Clannad are totally unique. From what I've experienced with new age music, there is nobody else out there that sounds quite like them.

There are so many favorite cuts, I can't single out any except for maybe Robin, the Hooded Man.

Very cool stuff and highly recommended.

Lee Freeman "lfreeman_histgen" (Florence, Al United States) - April 02, 2013
- Walk Into the Mystic Forest

Clannad's *Legend* is one of their best albums in my opinion. I managed to track down an import cassette tape back in 1992 and about ten years later tracked down the CD. It was worth it, as I fell in love with Clannad and their music while watching *Robin of Sherwood.*

As has been said in another review, this album is a soundtrack album, a compilation of tracks the band did for the Richard Carpenter 1980s British series *Robin of Sherwood* (starring Michael Praed, Jason Connery, Judi Trott and Nicholas Grace; the show aired in the States on Showtime as *Robin Hood*), which remains to this day the best retelling of the Robin Hood legends on screen. Clannad's music is ethereal and haunting, especially *Herne,* the theme for Robin's mysterious patron, Herne the Hunter, and *Strange Land,* the theme for the Sheriff of Nottingham and his Norman henchmen.

If I had a favorite, and really with this album one is spoiled for choice, it would have to be *Ancient Forest,* with *Strange Land* and *Herne* also being favorites. With its sort of Jazz/pop elements, the extended version of *Scarlet Inside* (Will Scarlet's theme) might seem a bit out of place in a Robin Hood soundtrack however for the show they used an edited version which worked perfectly and the unedited version grows on you the more you listen to it.

There are several pieces from series two and three of ROS that aren't on this album because, according to Clannad's official website, no one knows what happened to the master tapes of these tracks, though a search is being made, however some of this music can be heard on other Clannad albums. Hopefully they'll locate the missing tapes and release these other tracks.

The best way I can describe the music of Clannad is that the band has a Celtic/folk/rock/New Age/pop sound, only on this album, with a medieval twist; while not pure unadulterated medieval or classical music, it nevertheless does a great job of evoking the magic and mystery of this excellent yet short-lived series.

As one reviewer stated, this album is excellent mood music for a night of roll-playing. And, while not true medieval music, it also works well to set the mood at renaissance faires and medieval reenactments if you don't have authentic medieval music.

Whether you're a Clannad fan or just like good music, *Legend* should be in your music library. As Maire Brennan invites us, "Walk into the mystic forest . . ."

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