Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child Album: “Live in Atlanta”

Destiny's Child Album: “Live in Atlanta”
Album Information :
Title: Live in Atlanta
Release Date:2007-02-20
Genre:Pop, R&B, The Big Jams
Explicit Lyrics:Yes
Customers Rating :
Average (4.6) :(62 votes)
47 votes
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Track Listing :
1 Intro/Overture
3 Independent Woman
4 No, No, No, Pt. II
5 Bug-A-Boo
9 Soldier Dance Interlude
11 Dancer Break
12 Dilemma
13 Do You Know
14 Beyoncé Intro
15 Baby Boy
16 Naughty Girl
17 Band Introduction
19 Cater 2 U Dance Sequence
25 Dancer Ballet Break
27 Crazy in Love
28 Salsa Dance Break
Raymond M. Smith - April 09, 2006
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
- So Amazing

This DVD is just amazing. I won't drag it out going into detail about each song, but all of them were wonderful. The beginning of the DVD was amazing with the group doing all their old hits and I have to say that they performed them with a lot of energy, which made them more interesting to watch. All of the girl's solo songs were amazing, it shows that they all can really sing. I wish Kelly would have sung something else than dilemma since it really wasn't much of her singing. I also wish Michelle would have performed another song like Heard a Word too. She gets criticized so much about her voice but I have grown to love her voice. She delivers in her solo performance and Thru With Love to blow away the audience. As usual, Beyonce brings down the house. And basically the rest of the concert is amazing too, with them performing most of their current songs. What I love about DC the most is that they are not lip-syncers. Yes, I know sometimes they do do it, but a majority of the time they don't. This is a totally live concert with all of the versus sung live (the repetitive chorus parts are lip-synced, but really, who cares?) and I loved that aspect of the DVD.

Cons: There are very little cons that I have about this DVD. One of my main ones was the camera work. I know it was done this way to enhance the experience, but a little less might have been better.

VeritasRex (New Orleans, LA) - December 24, 2006
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
- Beyonce emerges as the clear superstar of this DVD, and genre

After watching it 5 times now in 4 days, I can honestly say that Beyonce has emerged not on ly as a star of her time, but as a star of all times. I would put her right up there with Aretha, Patty, and Tina Marie. Her contemporaries, Badu, Ciera, Keys, I am afraid, become Pippen-to-Jordan like in their shortcomings. The girl -- correct that -- fully grown and fine woman is a Diva. This DVD confirms it.

I know, I know, everyone wants to reserve judgement, and judge a body of work before proclaiming a neophyte a Diva. Tune into Dangerously in love on this DVD, and then tell me she is not ready for the baton. Tina, and Aretha in their prime could have matched the rendition, maybe, and Patty may be able to pull it off today. But, they never could have pulled it off looking as good as Beyonce. And don't tell me looks don't matter...this is entertainment, and her looks are supremely entertaining.

Oh yeah, the other two. Kelly, and Michelle were good. Singing gospel, Michelle, was clearly in her element. She will not make a dime as a table dancer though, poor guy, gets pulled up on stage to sit next to the guy getting "catered" by Beyonce...so close, but yet so far. If Kelly asks the audience to help her one more time during her solo, I am going to peremenently edit her out of my DVD. Michelle should get more mic time, but since Kelly is an original DC I guess loyalty wins out...not on my remote though...can we say fast forward.

As far as singers/entertainers, unless Stevie reterns to form some time soon, or the spirit of Hathaway, Gaye, Ripperton, Redding, or Lady Day enhabits another human in the near future, Beyonce is it. High praise I know, but who else is dancing through an entire show, and singing (on key)? I submit her performance in Bootylicious to cap off my thesis.

I welcome solid debate, but come correct. I will.

Grayson (NY, New York) - March 28, 2006
5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
- Not bad at all


The lovely ladies of Destiny's Child returns with their second live concert DVD (Third for Ms. Knowles). All the hit songs are here, everything from "Say My Name" to "Survivor" to "Lose My Breath", its all here. In addition to that, Beyonce performs her hit solo songs, "Crazy In Love", "Baby Boy", "Naughty Girl", and "Dangerously In Love". The girls are looking more beautiful than ever and are full of energy. Lil Wayne and T.I. were on hand for their verses on "Soldier".


While I was watching this DVD, I was wondering why are the girl lypsynching? I understand its difficult to sing and dance at the same time but there isn't too much dancing coming from them. Also, the lypsycnhing was so obvious at times, especially during "Crazy In Love" and "Cater 2 U". Beyonce's performances were added bonuses but if you have her DVD concert then your not missing anything. The perfomances on this DVD are the same as they were on her Live at Wembley DVD. Another thing that had me frowning was the performance of "Soldier". Destiny's Child, much like other artists (i.e. Britney Spears, Ciara, and Jennifer Lopez) have greatly been inspired by Janet Jackson. But, the performance of "Soldier" was way too much like Janet's "Rhythm Nation" from her Velvet Rope Tour. The slow dramatic effects slowed the pace of the DVD and was unnecessary.

All in all if your a fan of Destiny's Child or even a fan of modern R&B/Pop then go get this, just make sure you have your remote near so you can skip certain parts.

J. Cola "JC" (FL USA) - February 11, 2006
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
- Best DVD Going to Be

I went to see this show 3 days after the taping of Atlanta. I got to say it was the best show ever. I hope they include everything on the DVD... Kelly said in an interview that there is suppose to be :Behind The Scenes, Ctaer 2 U preformances, and preformances of her and Nelly at a stop during the tour. Its herd to be a 2 disc DVD... Can't wait.

Here is the offical Tracklisting:

1. Intro/Overture

2. Say My Name

3. Independent Women Part I

4. No, No, No Part 2

5. Bug A Boo

6. Bills, Bills, Bills

7. Bootylicious

8. Jumpin', Jumpin'

9. Soldier Dance Interlude

10. Soldier

11. Dancer Break

12. Dilemma

13. Do You Know

14. Beyonc? Intro

15. Baby Boy

16. Naughty Girl

17. Band Introduction

18. Cater 2 U

19. Cater 2 U Dance Sequence

20. Girl

21. Free

22. If

23. Through With Love

24. Bad Habit

25. Dancer Ballet Break

26. Dangerously In Love

27. Crazy In Love

28. Salsa Dance Break

29. Survivor

30. Lose My Breath

31. Destiny's Child - A Family Affair

32. Fan Testimonials

33. Kelly Rowland Sophomore CD Teaser

34. Dreamgirls Movie & Soundtrack Trailer

35. Favorite Song

36. Cater 2 U - The Chosen Few

37. Favorite Costumes

38. The Show

Bonus Audio(Audio)

1. Flashback

2. Check On It

3. Let's Stay Together

PCM Stereo Versions(Audio)

1. Flashback

2. Check On It

3. Let's Stay Together

5.1 Surround Versions(Audio)

1. Flashback

2. Check On It

3. Let's Stay Together

SonyPA "SPA" (USA) - January 05, 2007
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
- Very good buy...

Overall I thought the DVD was a good buy. If you are a big fan of Destiny's Child you will love it. This DVD showed that the treo of ladies are definitely talented. The DVD is full of great group and individual performances. The only thing I didn't like about the DVD was that fact that sometimes the singing was slightly off from the lip movement of the ladies. This turned out to be the only reason why I didn't give it five stars. So I encourage those interested in Destiny's Child to purchase the DVD. You won't regret it.

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