Equilibrium At least five bands share the name “Equilibrium”: 1. Equilibrium is a Folk metal band from Munich, Germany, founded in 2001. They released a very positively acclaimed demo at the beginning of 2003, which brought them a record deal with the label Black Attakk. Their debut, Turis Fratyr, was released on February 15, 2005. In October 2006 they signed with Nuclear Blast. They recorded their new album ‘Sagas’ in January 2007. The album was made available worldwide on July 8, 2008. Home site: http://www.equilibrium-metal.net/ . On February 10th, 2010 Equilibrium parted with vocalist Helge Stang and drummer Manuel Di Camillo.
Band From: Germany
Band Members: Robert “Robse” Dahn (vocals), René Berthiaume (guitar, keyboards), Andreas Völkl (guitar), Sandra Völkl (bass guitar), and Tuval “Hati” Refaeli (drums)
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