Genesis Album: “Turn It on Again: The Hits”

Genesis Album: “Turn It on Again: The Hits”
Description :
Genesis: Peter Gabriel (vocals, flute); Phil Collins (vocals, drums); Ray Wilson (vocals); Mike Rutherford (guitar, bass); Steve Hackett (guitar); Tony Banks (keyboards); Nir Zidkyahu (drums). <p>Additional personnel: Andy Richard, Gerry Hughes, Jamie Muhoberac. <p>Producers include: Trevor Horn, David Hentschel, Genesis, Hugh Padgham, Nick Davis. <p>Engineers include: David Hentschel, Hugh Padgham, Nick Davis. <p>Genesis: Tony Banks (keyboards); Mike Rutherford (bass guitar); Phil Collins (drums). <p>Additional personnel: Peter Gabriel (vocals); Steve Hackett (guitars); Anthony Phillips. <p>Recording information: 1978 - 1999. <p>This 2007 limited edition release expands the original 1999 greatest-hits compilation into a two-disc, 34-track, digitally remastered extravaganza. Bonus tracks include "Counting Out Time," from the Peter Gabriel era, and "Pigeons" from the rare-ish SPOT THE PIGEON EP. <p>Being a hits collection, it makes sense that TURN IT ON consists mostly of post-Peter Gabriel tunes. Phil Collins' more pop-friendly leadership brought Genesis its greatest commercial success. Despite the radio-readiness of such tunes as "Invisible Touch" and "In Too Deep," many of the Collins-led albums contain compositions that would have done Gabriel proud, like the odd-metered song that gives this collection its title (and wouldn't have seemed out of place on the brash LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY), or the creepy, eccentric "Mama." <p>In any event, there's no denying the innate catchiness of Collins' winning pop conventions when they're deployed in the service of such infectious compositions as the pretty "Follow You, Follow Me" or the McCartneyish "That's All." To balance things out, a couple of the original lineup's more accessible moments are included, most notably the quirky-but-catchy "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)." TURN IT ON AGAIN doesn't show the prog-rock side of Genesis, but it makes an inarguable case for them as aesthetically conscious hit-makers.
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Track Listing :
17 Carpet Crawlers 1999, The
18 Carpet Crawlers 1999, The
2-12 Trick of the Tail, A
2-16 Knife Pt.1, The
Album Information :
Title: Turn It on Again: The Hits
Genre:Rock & Pop - Progressive Rock
Label:Rhino Records (USA)
Distributed:WEA (distr)
Release Date:2007/09/11
Original Release Year:1999
Mono / Stereo:Stereo
Studio / Live:Studio
AKA Johnny X "Dean Carpenter" (Caro, MI USA) - March 31, 2009
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- Check out the Platinum Collection instead

For those of you contemplating whether to purchase the 2-disc Turn It on Again: Tour Edition or the 3-disc Platinum Collection, these are what songs are exclusive to each:

Turn It On Again:

Tell Me Why

No Reply At All

Man On The Corner


Inside And Out

Happy The Man


Platinum Collection:

Home By the Sea

Second Home By the Sea

Calling All Stations

Behind the Lines


In That Quiet Earth


Los Endos

Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Firth of Fifth

Cinema Show

Supper's Ready

Musical Box

In my opinion, the Platinum Collection is the better deal, and is the one that I bought.

Annette Schiffer (North Bergen, NJ USA) - December 22, 2007
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- I Know What I Like....

After having just seen Genesis for the last World Tour, I couldn't resist buying this CD and I was not disappointed. It is a nice compilation of the songs that they did in concert although it is not a "live" version of the concert. But as far as I can remember, they did all these songs at the concert...

So, if you want to have a good selection of Genesis hits (and some songs that never made it to the Top of the Charts...) this two-disc collection is a good choice. You get a really nice selection of songs... well worth having in your collection of Genesis CD's...

I know what I like... and I like this set!!!!

mike - March 13, 2012
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- Great Audiophilest Remaster Collection!

This is a Great Audiophilest Remaster Collection! I just picked up this cd for two reasons because i love the old Genesis & because i just bought these new Cerwin Vega speakers & this is a great cd to break the speakers in with.

Great Reamaster sound on these disks plus great songs. There are lots of little things going on in Genesis recordings that are great with good speakers. Songs like Turn it on Again, No son of mine, Abacab, No repley at all, paperlate They have these drum effects & little sounds & horn sections that are great to hear on a Audiophile type system. And dont forget about all of the other hits on here as well that are just too many to list. This collection even digs into the peter gabriel day's but the only song of his days with the band that i think should of been on here and is not is THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY. But i do have a remastered version of that album as well. Very good remastered sound & if your going to get a collection of Genesis this one will have the best sound & why buy the single disk version when you can get the two disk Tour Edition with more music.

- I turned it on again.

A fantastic overview of Genesis throughout their whole career, much better than the one-disc version of this album.

All the hit singles from the Phil Collins era are here, with the exception of "Never A Time" from WE CAN'T DANCE, which hit #21 in the US, and I'd say that belongs on here as much as "Tell Me Why," which only hit #40 in the UK. And the short version of "No Son Of Mine" is maddening, because you don't get that powerful fade-out. Much like "You Can't Always Get What You Want" or "Won't Get Fooled Again," there are some songs that should not be chopped up for singles' sake. (Though I completely understand that 8 minutes of "Tonight x3" wouldn't have been market worthy, but that one has a smoother edit, in any case!)

For hardcore Genesis fans, there's even a smattering of Peter Gabriel trax, and even one with Mr. Ray Wilson (who got the short shrift from Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford by not continuing with a second album with him). "Congo" is an excellent song (again, better in its long form), but I wish they'd put on "Shipwrecked" and "Not About Us," which weren't huge hits, but are still cool tunes and show off Ray's vocal chops a bit more.

And then there's "The Carpet Crawlers 1999," by the original five-man group, and apparently will be the last studio track by any Genesis members at all. Going out as they more or less came in, it's a nice capper to the best best-of Genesis album.

A. Lathrop (Pennsylvania) - October 07, 2010
- A great collection for longtime fans and people just discovering Genesis

I have always liked the music of Genesis, as I grew up hearing their 80's and 90's songs often on the radio. However, I knew the band had a history of making great music from the late 60's through the 70's as well - music that is really not played that much on even the best `classic rock' stations.

Wanting to have a collection that included most of the songs I grew up with, starting specifically with `Misunderstanding', I've also really wanted to hear some of the earlier music, going back to the Peter Gabriel days and the first few albums with Phil Collins on lead vocals. Of the half-dozen or so `best of' CDs and box sets out on the market, this collection of songs is by far the best for those wanting both eras, and without having to pay a lot for a large box-set. Also, it gives a great sampling of their earlier music focusing on generally at least one song from each album, as well as rare EPs and singles.

There are some similarities with previous collections:

- Generally, it follows a reverse chronology as some of the other collections have, playing the more recent songs first on disc one, and then venturing to some tunes not commonly played on radio from disc two. Disc one highlights the albums `We Can't Dance', `Invisible Touch', `Genesis', and `Abacab'; disc two also highlights more songs from `Abacab', and songs from these other albums: `Duke', `And Then There Were Three', `Wind and Wuthering' `A Trick of the Tail', `The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway', `Selling England by the Pound', and `Trespass'. To make it even more interesting, the first and last song on each of the discs is somewhat out of sync with the whole reverse chronology. Initially, I was only really interested in the better-known songs on disc one but after a few listens of disc two, I've found I like those songs now just as much, and now I actually go out of my way to listen to these hidden gems.

- It is somewhat of a condensed version of "Platinum Collection", with a simpler two-disc collection rather than three, yet offering some great tracks here not offered on "Platinum"; `No Reply at All', `Man on the Corner', `Duchess', `Pigeons', `Inside and Out', `Happy the Man', and `Congo'. This collection really expands upon the `Turn It on Again: The Hits', which is a one-disc compilation of only the very most popular songs and almost nothing from the earlier years.

- Each song has been carefully re-mastered, just like most of the other `best of' collections. The listeners opinions of the remastering seem to be divided; they either really like it or detest it. Those who really like the new remastering state that it sounds more balanced and are able to hear instrumentation that was buried in the mix on original offerings of the songs. Those who do not enjoy the remastering state that the producers have betrayed the original integrity of the mix (for example, bringing too much focus on the vocals in the foreground.) While I see both points of view here, I have to be on the side of those who enjoy the remastering; the sounds seem very warm, crisp, clear, and balanced. The fantastic sound quality really draws the listener in, even if they are not initially interested in some of the tunes offered here; you almost feel as if you're in the studio with them. Also great is that there is exceptionally little tape-hiss here, making this remastering job top notch!

In summary, this is a great 2-disk collection for a number of reasons:

- it covers most of the key songs people have known and loved from the band over the years while showcasing some lesser-known songs at the same time

- the sound quality is phenomenal, due to the re-mastering (perhaps sounding the way Genesis really intended the songs to be heard)

- you really get your money's worth because it gives people a chance to hear earlier tracks by the band that unfortunately do not get enough airplay, if at all

- the track layout progresses backwards in time, leaving the most familiar tracks to disc one while giving an excellent introspective view of what made Genesis a band of legend in the first place

- it is somewhat of a condensed version of "Platinum Collection", with a simpler two disc collection rather than three, yet offering some great tracks here not offered on "Platinum"; `No Reply at All', `Man on the Corner', `Duchess', `Pigeons', `Inside and Out', `Happy the Man', and `Congo', all great songs that make this collection that much more special

- it gives a great sampling of their earlier music focusing on at least a song from almost each album, Eps, singles

If you've been looking for a great best-of collection for Genesis, look no further; this is it!

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