Lostprophets Lostprophets were an alternative rock band formed in Pontypridd, Wales in 1997. It was founded by current vocalist Ian Watkins and guitarist Mike Lewis. Initially, Watkins played drums for the band, although its success only began when he transferred over to lead vocals. They have released several demos, none of which have been produced commercially, five studio albums, and fourteen singles. Their fifth studio album is titled Weapons, released on the 2nd of April 2012. The first of these albums, The Fake Sound Of Progress, was originally recorded for the meager sum of £6000 and intended as a glorified demo, but after catching the ears of several major labels, the band re-recorded and re-released the album on a much wider scale through Columbia Records.
Band From: United Kingdom, Pontypridd - Wales
Band Members: Ian David Carslick Watkins (vocals), Mike Lewis (guitar), Lee James Gaze (guitar), Stuart Richardson (bass guitar), Jamie Oliver (keyboards), and Ilan Rubin (drums)
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