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Mary Jane Biography

There exist severeal artists with this name.

1)”Mary Jane” is Line up:

Janis Grants (bass, vocals)

Raivis Rubenis (guitar, vocals)

Ernests Libietis (guitar, vocals)

Jayr Fernandes do Nascimento Junior (drums)

mary jane is a multicultural band residing Riga, Latvia that consists of 4 members: the drummer Jayr coming all the way from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), bass player Janis from Moscow (RU) and 2 guitar freaks Ernests and Raivis from Riga. Raised in different countries but on the same diet of music of Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Pearl Jam etc. the band is melting different cultures and backgrounds to make its own understanding of how rock music should sound.

The band formed in 1995 and has always emphasized the importance of live performance. Gaining its popularity and cult following from playing gigs, mary jane has been frequently referred to as one of the best live acts in Latvia.

Their sound is a fusion of delicate and brutal melodies that intermesh seductively with heavy guitars and driving beats.

Year 2005 brought the band a nomination for the best rock album of the year at the Latvian Annual Music Awards, and distribution of Lost Innocence Vast Ego ( the only mary jane’s album so far) in iTunes and many other major internet music shops (CD Baby, eMusic, Rhapsody etc.).


2)”Mary Jane is a pop-punk band from Munich, Germany.

They started making music together in 2001.

3)”Mary Jane” is a hip-hop(rap) band from Krasnodar, russia. theyy started making music in 1998. It’s very good rap band, won Rap festival in Moscow. Mary Jane have one alboum - “С белого листа”.

4) “Mary Jane” is a psychedelic folk-rock band formed around 1993 in Southampton, England.

Current Line up: Steve Barker (Drums), Jon Hawkes(Bass) Gillie Hotston (Violin),Jo Quinn (Vocals, flute, fiddle, whistles, recorder), & Paul Alan Taylor (Guitar)


Hazy Days,

Tacit [live],

The Gates of Silent Memory,

To the Prettiest One.


I’ll get some albums up here soon (Jo vocals)

5) Mary Jane is also a techno djane living in Berlin, Germany.

6) Mary Jane also Pop Rock Band From Bandung, Indonesia

Mary Jane lahir pada bulan Agustus 2004 dengan formasi Arlan (vocal), Ivan (gitar), Causar (bass), Gala (gitar), dan Aria (drum). Formasi ini bertahan selama 2 tahun, kemudian pada tahun 2007 Aria pun meninggalkan Mary Jane. Setelah melalui proses audisi di Bandung selama 2 bulan, Mary Jane pun mendaulat Ikki untuk mengisi posisi drummer pada Mary Jane. Nama Mary Jane sendiri diambil dari nama sebuah karakter seorang wanita muda dalam cerita Spiderman. Mary Jane digambarkan sebagai wanita muda yang cantik, anggun dan tangguh. Keanggunan dan ketangguhan inilah yang dituangkan menjadi lagu-lagu mereka yang bercerita tentang cinta dan kehidupan. Musik Mary Jane memiliki warna yang menarik dan akrab di kuping penikmat musik Indonesia. Masing-masing personil memiliki influence yang berbeda-beda. Queen, Coldplay, U2, Incubus, adalah nama-nama band besar yang menjadi inspirasi mereka. Hasilnya? Silakan dengarkan lagu-lagu mereka dalam album mereka yang bertajuk, Inilah Saatnya.

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