Disco de Paramore: “Riot! [fye Exclusive]”

Disco de Paramore: “Riot! [fye Exclusive]”
Información del disco :
Título: Riot! [fye Exclusive]
Fecha de Publicación:2007-06-12
Género:Rock, Emo, Old School Punk Rock
Sello Discográfico:Fueled By Ramen
Letras Explícitas:Si
Lista de temas :
12 Here We Go Again [Live][*]
Análisis (en inglés) - :
Move over, {$Avril}, there's a new gun in town. And even though {$Paramore}'s lead singer, {$Hayley Williams}, is a few years younger, she has a way bigger set of vocal pipes. The two share a similar register, but {$Williams} belts it out with way more control and authority. She may even be more of a respectable {\pop} idol since her image isn't manufactured to be rebellious and angst-ridden, but she instead appears to be a genuinely sweet girl, bottling up a huge voice and a heart full of lost loves. On {^Riot!} she fills the majority of the {\punk-pop} tunes with tales of {\emo} angst and declarations of boy woes. Although her lyrics can seem contrived, they also feel representative of actual teenage puppy love, where a breakup feels like the end of the world. The songs are all pretty good tunes performed well, with catchy hooks in the vein of {$Boys Like Girls} fronted by a young {$Shirley Manson}(although that analogy might be lost, since most people who like {$Boys Like Girls} probably aren't familiar with oldies like {$Garbage}.) As with all of the bands on the {@Fueled by Ramen} roster, the band is an energetic troupe of rockers with precise haircuts who rock pretty hard. The production is sparkling and heavily compressed due to the golden hands of {$David Bendeth}, but this is potentially a downside. Since the sound quality is ultra-clean, it makes the listening experience relatively risk-free and also brings attention to the fact that there's not a lot of ground being broken here. Most songs have an interesting breakdown of some sort in the bridge, which helps break up the entirety of the disc, and there are a few power {\ballads} (think {&"Don't Speak"}) that work well, but overall there's a consistent distorted guitar chug and driving beats that never stray too far from {$Fall Out Boy}'s formula. The lack of originality is forgivable when {$Williams}' girlish charm takes over. It's a lot like the scene in {#High Fidelity} where the jaded record clerks hear {$Lisa Bonet}'s character singing a {$Frampton} song that's worn to death, but because of her beauty and sweet voice, they love the performance. In the last track, {&"Born for This"} {$Williams} takes a break from her love confessions, and commands everyone to sing like it's the last song they will ever sing, making for a perfect live show closer. Ultimately, this disc has enormous crossover potential, and will probably appeal to those who are fans of the genre, and for those who aren't, there's a good chance of it becoming a guilty pleasure. [The 'FYE Exclusive' version of the CD contains the bonus track {&"Here We Go Again."}] ~ Jason Lymangrover, All Music Guide
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