Army Of Anyone

Army Of Anyone Army of Anyone was a post-grunge hard rock supergroup formed in 2005 by Filter frontman Richard Patrick with two of the former members of rock band Stone Temple Pilots. The band formed in Los Angeles. In addition to Patrick on vocals, the band featured Dean DeLeo and Robert DeLeo on guitars and bass, respectively, and Ray Luzier (formerly of David Lee Roth’s band) on drums. This was the first band the DeLeo brothers formed without Scott Weiland since the short-lived Talk Show project in 1997 and was their first major project since STP’s breakup in 2003. While writing material for a fourth Filter album, Richard Patrick linked up with the DeLeo brothers for help.
Band From: United States, Los Angeles - California
Band Members: Richard Patrick (vocals guitar), Dean DeLeo (guitar), Robert DeLeo (bass guitar), and Ray Luzier (drums)
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